Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The friggin' DFA and post-party chika

I went to the Department of Foreign affairs earlier today to get my passport papers processed, but had THE worst time dealing with the people there. First off, i got dissed by the guard (the friggin' guard!) for not knowing where to go to when i asked how to get my papers processed ( hellow!!! There wasn;t even a posted sign that will tell where to go to, so of course you gotta ask!). I was really polite and everything but he just kept cutting my explanation short by saying that i should go somewhere else, and had this sardonic smirk on his face. Fuckin' asshole --- there is a Reason why he never got around to be something else in life! Fuckin' asswipe thinks he's God simply because he's covering the gate for the higher ups. sheesh.

Anyway, I go to this small corner where they were giving out forms for the passport and ended up talking to this guy who wants to charge me P10 for pasting my photo to my "new" form (he also asked if i wanted to get the new form because my form is "not the right one daw"). ANO!?! PUTANGINA anong kalokohan to!?! Even the simple task of pasting one's photo unto the form was costing me money! He gave me this "lecture" about not being pissed because this is how it works. Fuckin' shit! This is how it works here in Manila! How stupid is the fucking system? I processed my passport (the one that i lost) in Iloilo in a day, and the people were so nice and helpful. Geez. Just what is wrong with this city? Everybody wants to have a piece of what you have, and will use any means necessary to get it. I called up my dad and told him i was going to process my papers in Iloilo instead, so i'll be going home to Iloilo on the 22nd to process it nalang. My mom was right: life in the province IS simpler.

+ + +

A lot happened last night too --- had a pedicure date with Melissa at the salon, and after that we headed over to the apartment to watch The Gathering --- creepy movie but it turned out to be nothing of that sort --- stopping by at Yellow Cab for pizza. My first ex was there, with his current gf, and Melissa got to check him out . Hahaha, he still looks the same way he did when we were going out, i felt the urge to go to him and ask him to have a makeover. :-P

Last night was the office party of one of the companies i was working for, so they had one of the restaurants closed and used for the venue. It started late (what else is new?) and everybody was a good sport because they were in costumes. Our marketing guy gave me ride to the venue since he also came from QC and we smoked up a really good joint before heading there. I had a buzz by the time we got to Makati and was really slow. We dropped by a convenient store along Makati ave. and i felt myself doing frame-by-frame movements and grinning like a complete idiot. Tee-hee.

We got there safely (thank god) and just chilled while everything was being set. Soon, the party started. The drinks were free-flowing so i ended up having more than 7 shots of tequila and vodka, aside from the beer and mixed drinks available. I was just tiny bit tipsy and was able to get back home safely, not to mention got myself a prize from the raffle (it was a gift pack of tuna and sardines --- all sorts! Your cabinet is now stocked with canned fish goods, heheh) There was also dancing till the wee hours and a lot of socializing with the other people in the company. I came home greeting the sunrise, wearily carrying the raffle prize i won.

+ + +

I miss Jason. He called me last night, while we were on the way to Makati, but the line got cut off. Shet! It was really good hearing his voice. The pre-Jason life takes some time adjusting to --- i think i've gotten used to our living arrangements a little too well that early today i had The Family Guy episodes playing while i was dressing up so i could have a semblance of "normalcy". hahaha. I miss you baby!

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